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Marguerite's strengths

  • It is very easy to setup, and I hope I'll be able to keep it that simple. Just run the executable, no installation is required. It may ask you where the EntireX © Miniruntime libraries are, then you will have to tell it where your brokers are, and that's it.
  • It runs fast. It's pure native C++. It talks directly to your broker using the ACI protocol.
  • It is multi threaded : if you have problems connecting to one of your brokers, it will not hang the whole application. Marguerite will keep on running normally
  • It will be possible to automatically refresh the information from your broker at pre-defined time intervals
  • It provides a modern customizable user interface : you can open multiple sub-windows simultaneously, change their size, position, detach them... You can sort your lists on any column, resize, move or remove columns, Marguerite will remember it all and restore it the next time you launch it
  • Marguerite is freeware / open source


Marguerite should run on any Windows machines (from Win XP to Windows 8).

For now, it runs only on Windows, but I built it with portability in mind, using the wxWidgets library. And it will be ported at least on Linux, and maybe on other platforms, depending on users feedback.

Before launching it, you must install the EntireX © miniruntime (at least version 8). This is freely available to download on Software AG's website

That's all that's required. It should run right out of the box.
The first time you launch it, it will search for the broker32.dll library from the Entirex © miniruntime. If it can't find it, it will ask you where it is located on your PC. The next step is to tell it the address of your Entirex © broker.

Release 0.2

Here's a list of what release 0.2 brings :
  • login to a broker is now done in a separate thread for each broker. This is the only place where multi-threading is implemented for now; it will be generalized, in the future, to all broker calls.
  • the layout is now saved in the registry, and restored when Marguerite is restarted.
    What is saved is
    • the name and layout of the subwindows
    • the hidden columns
    • the columns order
    • the sort order of each list
  • autologon to a broker is now implemented
  • a colored ball shows he status of the connection to a broker :
    • grey : not connected
    • green : connected
    • red : connection lost
  • deleting a broker is now possible
  • refreshing a list works much better, but auto-refresh is NOT implemented yet
  • after login out of a broker, or deleting it, the subwindows are updated accordingly
  • it's now possible to hide/unhide a column by right-clicking on it
  • and loads of code cleanup to improve stability and maintainability.

What to expect from next release

Well... Depending on the feedback from users, I may implement the auto-refresh of the lists, generalize multi-threaded broker calls, add publish & subscribe support... we'll see..

Your feedback is very important : let me know if this software is useful for you, how I could improve it, if you need some special feature implemented, if you found a bug...
Feel free to mail me at

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