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Marguerite's goal is to provide a fast and easy way to manage Software AG's EntireX brokers, without the need of the System Management Hub.

It tries to reproduce the ease of use and performance of the old "EntireX Broker Control Center" ----- that Software AG used to deliver with EntireX, many years ago ----- but with many more features.

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    Manage all your brokers from one place

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    Marguerite is operational after just a few clicks

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    View multiple lists simultaneously...

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    Reorganize the layout to your likings : resize, move, detach subwindows...

Enjoy it, it´s free!

Marguerite is freeware open source. Fell free to use it for comercial purposes, redistribute it, improve it...

It is still in its early development phase. But that doesn't mean it's unusable : it's already stable and can be used to have a quick look at which services are available on a broker, even though part of the information displayed in the lists isn't correct, and only a few features are implemented.


"04/2014 : Marguerite 0.2 is out"

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